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Reports and Publications

For copies of previous reports, please contact us at [email protected]

Funding & Governance

Where your money goes

Thanks to the amazing generosity of our supporters, we’re able to have a huge impact on the lives of so many people through our local partners, on the ground, in Ethiopia. 

Our aim is to make sure your donations go as far as possible. 

How we invested your money

To read about the kinds of projects we invest your money in and to see the figures in more detail you can download our Annual Reports and Financial Statements above.

What you helped us achieve

With your support throughout 2023, through our partner organisations we helped many lives throughout Ethiopia, whether it was raising awareness to prevent harmful practices taking place, feeding children living on the streets of Addis, increasing societal participation of people with disabilities, improving access to quality education especially for women and girls or responding to crisis situations in real time.

Annual Reports & Transparency

Annual report and accounts

Our Annual Report charts how – with your support – Ethiopiaid Canada is making progress towards our strategic objectives. The annual report also includes our audited accounts, explaining where our income comes from and how we have spent it. Our Board of Directors are responsible for preparing these reports in keeping with the law and the Irish accounting standards. 


Transparency is a way of working and reporting financial activities that is open and honest. For Ethiopiaid, this means being open about our financial affairs and how we spend the money we raise, but it also means working in a way that clearly shows how we put our values into action.

It is not just about publishing lengthy and complex annual reports, it is about providing short, clear summaries in easily accessible language for anyone to understand including individual supporters, trusts and foundations and corporates.

Why is transparency important?

As an Canadian charity, we are accountable to our staff, partner organisations, donors and stakeholders and most importantly, to the people living in poverty in Ethiopia who we support.

Transparency is important because it:

      • Builds trust and means the people we help, our supporters and other stakeholders can make more meaningful choices.
        Proves to our financial supporters how we’ve made a difference with their donations
        Shows the partner organisations we work with and the people we help through them in Ethiopia what we are doing in their name
        How is Ethiopiaid transparent?
      • We communicate clearly about what we do to all our donors and stakeholders in Ireland.
        We provide information about our impact and effectiveness in a clear, easily-accessible way through our website and supporter communications.
        Ensuring your money is spent responsibly
      • With 30 years’ experience in international development through partner organisations, Ethiopiaid has a long history of building effective partnerships with local organisations and running projects in the most responsible and financially secure way. That said, no organization is immune to fraud. Ethiopiaid certainly has a zero tolerance policy on fraud and corruption and are proactive in trying to minimize opportunities in which fraud can occur. We have policies, procedures, controls and assurance in place, both in Ethiopia and in Ireland and our global offices in Australia, UK and Canada.

Our Supporters Promise

Our Supporter Promise is a demonstration of our commitment to hold ourselves to the highest standards, across every area of our work.

These principles are at the core of Ethiopiaid. We work in partnership with Ethiopia’s poorest and most marginalised people and we take this same approach with our supporters.

In the spirit of partnership, we welcome your feedback to help us maintain our high standards. If we ever fall short of this promise to you, please do let us know and we will do everything we can to put it right.

We are accountable to our supporters as well as our staff, partner organisations, stakeholders and most importantly to the people we support throughout Ethiopia.
We will keep you informed about what you have helped us to achieve and where your money goes. We will be clear about who we are and what we do.

Protect your privacy and personal data

Your information is safe with us. We will always treat it in a safe, secure, sensitive and confidential way. We will never share or sell your personal information to third parties for the purpose of their marketing or fundraising. You can read our privacy statement here.

You have control over how we contact you and we will always provide you with a number of options for updating your communication preferences.

We will always listen to what you have to say. If we have made a mistake we will apologise. If we need to make changes we will. We have a procedure for dealing with complaints, and should you ever need to make a complaint or give us feedback we will listen, respond and take action.

Whether you want to change the way in which Ethiopiaid contacts you, or tell us about something we could improve, our team would be happy to hear from you. You can get in touch by email at [email protected]

Our Safeguarding commitments

As an organisation, we are committed to creating a culture and environment based on the principles of fairness, equality, respect and non-discrimination.

We have a zero-tolerance policy on serious misconduct of any kind. Our commitment is to a transformative change in how we approach safeguarding and anti-sexual harassment, building on what process and policies we already have, but going far further than that by ensuring that the interests of beneficiaries (or ‘right holders’, a term that we prefer) and survivors are at the heart of a review of our practices and culture, especially the voices of women and girls