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Positive change 

starts with you.

Right now you can help the poorest and 
most vulnerable in Ethiopia.

To this day in Ethiopia, one in four people live below the poverty line and 1 in 17 children die before the age of 5. We need your help to break this cycle of poverty and bring back health and hope to those who are most in need.

Death or a life-destroying injury called obstetric fistula. These are two outcomes that thousands of women in Ethiopia still face when giving birth. 

But there is a third possible outcome: a healthy and safe birth where both mom and baby survive, and women like those our partners support, never have to experience the humiliation and pain of living with fistula.

You can make the third outcome possible for women right now.

Read our current appeal for more.

Would you consider a monthly gift? 1 in 5 people do. 
Not only can you give aid now, but you can build up the long-term healthcare and education that’s needed for lasting change.

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CAD $39.00
to provide a new dress for a recovered fistula patient to wear home. 


CAD $108.00
can help identify a woman and transport her to the hospital for surgery.


CAD $496.00
 can fully train one Safe Motherhood Ambassador in a 12-day Rehabilitation & Reintegration course. 


CAD $902.00
will help our local partner run a radio awareness campaign across Ethiopia to destigmatise fistula and raise awareness about prevention and treatment.


CAD $661.00
to perform life-saving surgery including post-operative physiotherapy, counselling, and nutritious food.

"I am extremely grateful for all who have donated funds for the women and children of Ethiopia. No penny or dollar is wasted and the people genuinely appreciate the help."
Sue Ferguson
Long time donor