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Become a regular giver

Your commitment, their future.

Joining our monthly donor program is an act of continuous hope and support for those striving towards a better life in Ethiopia. Your recurring contribution is more than a donation; it’s a partnership in progress, a consistent force that propels us forward in our mission to deliver lasting change. 

Support for women

Why Monthly Giving?

Steadfast Support: Monthly gifts ensure a predictable source of funding that allows us to plan ahead and maximize the impact of our projects. 

Efficiency: Recurring donations reduce administrative costs, meaning more of your contribution goes directly to program funding. 

Convenience: Set up your donation once and make a lasting difference all year round. You can adjust or cancel your gift at any time. 

Connectivity: As a monthly donor, you become part of a dedicated community of supporters who are as committed as you are to creating sustainable change. 


Your Monthly Impact

Educational Empowerment: Each month, you can help a child access quality education, essential for breaking the cycle of poverty. 

Healthcare Accessibility: Your contribution can provide regular medical supplies and support for health services in remote communities. 

Economic Development: Empower individuals and families with the resources they need to start small businesses and gain financial independence. 

How to Join

Choose Your Impact

Decide how much you want to contribute each month

Set Up Your Donation

Provide your payment details on our secure platform

Witness Your Impact

Receive updates and reports on how your donation is making a difference

Our Gratitude for Your Generosity

As our way of saying thank you, monthly donors receive exclusive updates, insights into project progress, and the heartwarming stories of those whose lives you’ve touched. 

To begin this journey of continuous giving and support, contact us at [contact information] or sign up directly through our website at [website link]. 

Thank you for considering joining our monthly donor program. Your generosity is the pulse that keeps our mission alive and the hopes of many flourishing.