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Frequently Asked Questions

Why support projects in Ethiopia?

Ethiopia still faces challenges despite progress since the 1980s. Our focus is here, and our partnerships make a real impact on the most vulnerable.

How do you vet your partners?

Since 1989, we’ve built long-term relationships with trusted partners in Ethiopia. They provide regular reports, audited accounts, and are monitored during our yearly visits.

How can I mail my donation?

To donate by cheque, make it payable to Ethiopiaid and include your name and address. Mail to: Ethiopiaid Canada, 404 McArthur Ave, Room 200, Ottawa, Ontario, K1K 1G8. Specify donation use with a note if desired.

Can I donate items?

While we appreciate material donations like knitted blankets, consult us for current needs. We prefer to buy items locally in Ethiopia to boost the economy.

How do I update my contact details?

To update personal information, email [email protected] or fill out a contact form.

Can I adjust the mailing frequency?

If you would like to change your mailings to a frequency that suits you better, please get in touch at [email protected]

Please note, Ethiopiaid sends seven mailings per year. If you reduce your mailing frequency, you may not receive information on the topics and projects you’re most passionate about.

If there is a project or topic you’re passionate and you are not receiving any information about this, please get in touch.

Due to our small team, Ethiopiaid cannot cater to bespoke requests outside the frequency options below:

        • I am happy to receive all your communications, including fundraising appeals
        • I would like to receive your two fundraising newsletters plus two appeals a year
        • I would like to receive your two fundraising newsletters a year
        • Once a year, at Christmas time
        • Please do not contact me for any reason


How do I get my tax receipt?

For a tax receipt from Ethiopiaid Canada, a minimum donation of $20 is required. After processing your donation, we’ll send your tax receipt via email or mail, depending on your communication preferences. If you are missing your tax receipt, please fill our the contact form below. 

How much is spent on running costs?

For every $1 donated, $0.16 covers administration as per our 2022 Financial statement.

Since we were founded in 1989 Ethiopiaid has operated with a small and dedicated team. We always aim to keep our costs to a minimum. Follow the link to find out more about our costs in our most recent annual accounts

2022 Financial Statement & Annual Report 

Why is fundraising so important?

Fundraising enables us to give a voice to people and partners who might otherwise go unheard. The local organizations we partner with in Ethiopia work hard to reach the most marginalized, the forgotten and the vulnerable. We listen to their voices and provide funding so that they can save lives, transform futures and bring about positive change. Our supporters power this work and help people live better lives every day.

Do you offer fundraising resources?

Yes! We have lots of materials, posters, donation forms and assistance that we would be happy to share. Please visit for downloadable materials available online. If you need more support, please email [email protected] or use our contact form to let us know more about your fundraising idea(s) and requirements.

We encourage all our fundraisers to use the Ethiopiaid logo. Please contact [email protected] to receive a copy for your event.

Can I volunteer for you in Canada or Ethiopia?

We do not send volunteers overseas. The work we support is managed by local Ethiopian organizations who mostly find the workers they need among the local population.

If you would like to see open volunteer opportunities, please visit our Job Vacancies page.

Is my data safe?

Please consult our Privacy Policy  for information on data safety.

I don’t want to hear from Ethiopiaid can would like my data erased.

We are more than happy to remove your details from our mailing lists. Please note that all mailing list removals may take up to 28 days to complete. Since our mailings are planned for six weeks, there is a chance you’ll receive one final mailing after cancellation but please rest assured this will be the final one.

Unfortunately, in most cases, we cannot erase your details. We are required to keep all donation information for seven years, at which point it will be destroyed. This is due to CRA regulations. However, we can ensure that you will not hear from us in future.

What are your policies on safeguarding?

The care and protection of the vulnerable is our top priority. We believe that regardless of age, gender, disability or ethnic origin everyone has the right to be protected from all forms of harm, abuse, neglect and exploitation. Ethiopiaid’s safeguarding policy is regularly reviewed. Every member of the board, staff, volunteers and anyone working on our behalf, has to commit to our safeguarding policy and code of conduct.

Please consult our Safeguarding Policy for more information. 

Our Ethiopian partners have their safeguarding policies but we insist that they also understand and commit to Ethiopiaid’s policies. This is a condition of funding.