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Leave a gift in your Will

Imagine a world without

A world where the values you hold dear are carried on for future generations. 

When you choose to leave a gift in your Will to Ethiopiaid, you can make this world possible.  

Whether you’re part of a community group looking to fundraise for us, undertaking a sponsored challenge, or a business that wants to use your platform to make a positive difference, we can help you.

Below you can find ideas and inspiration on how to hold an Ethiopian coffee ceremony, and alternative ways to support our life-changing work through some of our wonderful charity partners. Please do get in touch if you would like any more resources or support! 

What kind of world do you want to create?

A world of health

Your gift can bring good health to the most isolated parts of Ethiopia. Maybe you’d like to train up a class of midwives, or teach a whole community about the dangers of female genital mutilation, or sponsor a rural health clinic. You can be the catalyst for better health and wellbeing.

A world of hope

Your gift can give those with disabilities the chance to prosper. Providing free life altering surgeries, post operative treatment, wheechairs or prosthetics – you can help build confidence and change people’s  opportunities and hope for the future.

A world of opportunity 

Your gift can uplift and inspire women. It can mean women receive training in farming, small business, maternal health and financial management. It can mean the difference between a hungry child and a fed child. And it will change these women and children’s lives forever.

The impact a gift in your Will can have

A passionate teacher and beloved wife and grandmother, Mollie’s legacy will live on forever in the Mollie Robbins Kindergarten.

Mollie Robbins was a passionate teacher who cared deeply about women and children getting an education, no matter where they’re from.

Sadly, Mollie passed away in 2016. But her family made a bequest in her name so that her legacy will live on forever.

The Mollie Robbins Kindergarten is currently being built in the rural town of Semera, Ethiopia. It’s giving children a safe place to learn and grow so they can have the best start possible in life.

Mollie’s legacy will change the future for the next generation of kids in Ethiopia.

Imagine what yours could do.

How to leave a gift in your Will to a charity

Leaving money to charity in your Will is a very personal decision. If this is something you are considering, here is a step-by-step guide to get you started.

1. Think about what issues you most care about. Is children’s education close to your heart? Or mother’s healthcare, or even equal opportunity?

2. Make note of the legal charity name, address and registered charity number to make sure there’s no ambiguity when it comes time to include your charity.

      • Legal charitable name: Ethiopiaid Canada Foundation
      • Address: 404 McArthur Ave, Room 200. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. K1K 1G8 
      • Registered charity number: 855016267/RR0001

3. There are different types of gifts you can leave in your Will. Consider which is right for you: Residual, Percentage/Fractional, Pecuniary/Specific or even a Whole Estate.

4. Discuss your decision with your family and loved ones. This will ensure they understand and support your reasons for choosing to help your charity in such a powerful way.

5. Let us know if you’ve thought of us in your Will. At Ethiopiaid, we would value the chance to thank you personally and discuss how you’d like your bequest to be used.

Types of gifts you can leave in your Will

Residual gift

When you leave the remainder of your Estate to charity after you’ve taken care of your loved ones and paid out any other financial commitments. One of the most common gifts. 


When you leave a percentage or fraction of your Estate (for example, 2%) to charity. This is a fluid amount that can change based on inflation, property value and changes to your Estate over time.


When you nominate a specific monetary amount or a specific item to give, this could come from your bank account, from selling assets such as property or shares, or by bequesting a specific item/s.

Whole estate

When you give your entire Estate/everything you own to charity. For some, this is because their loved ones don’t need the money; and others choose this because their family have already departed. 

“When I travelled to Ethiopia on business in the late ‘90s, I knew little about the country. It wasn’t long before I fell in love with the people, the culture, the scenery and the history – everything, I thought, but not so. The plight of many Ethiopians, who lack sufficient resources in food, clean water, health care, employment, is hard to watch, as is the damage done to many from war wounds or stepping on discarded land mines. When I retired, I volunteered at the new Ethiopiaid Canada office in Ottawa and learnt about the great need for treating fistula in women and training local doctors to perform the surgery. So, Ethiopiaid became one of the organizations to which I am leaving a legacy, which I am confident will be used to make a lasting difference to these women and perhaps also be used for other much-needed assistance.”

-Legacy Donor