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Ekram's Journey to Empowerment: From Precarity to Carpentry Success

In the face of precarity, Ekram’s family found themselves listed as needing assistance on the neighborhood register. It was during this challenging period that Hope Enterprises entered their lives, offering more than just assistance – they provided Ekram with a lifeline of psycho-social support and invaluable career advice.

Recognizing Ekram’s manual skills and unwavering determination, Hope Enterprises extended an invitation for her to join their woodwork vocational training course in Ayertena. This two-year graduate program was known for being predominantly male, but Ekram saw it as an opportunity rather than an obstacle. Embracing this chance, she embarked on her journey.

In addition to mastering the technical aspects of using machine tools, Ekram also delved into entrepreneurial and project management courses. These additional skills would prove invaluable, as the private and public sectors were experiencing a surge in demand for furniture. Midway through the course, Ekram’s self-confidence had blossomed, and her ability to communicate effectively with peers and teachers had greatly improved.

With newfound motivation and determination, Ekram now aspires to launch her own business once she completes her training. Her primary goal is to provide a stable income for her family and enhance their living standards. Given her exceptional drive, Ekram stands an excellent chance of not just succeeding but thriving in her pursuit of empowerment and financial independence.