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APDA: Transforming Lives & Communities

Meet Mohammad Hasan, a devoted father from the town of Korkora in Saha, Dubte Woreda, Zone 1, Afar Region. Two years ago, his life changed forever when his daughter, Faatuma, came into this world. However, faced with societal pressures, Mohammad believed that the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM) was essential for his daughter’s well-being. Tragically, when Faatuma was born, the procedure was conducted in a severe manner, leaving her with life-threatening complications.

Thankfully, hope was on the horizon. Through our project, Mohammad had the opportunity to be part of the community as a Khadi in the Saha project area. Our initiative aimed to raise awareness about the dangers of FGM and advocate for a safer and healthier future for young girls like Faatuma.

With the guidance and support of our women extension workers and APDA health worker, Mohammad began to question the traditional beliefs surrounding FGM. Witnessing Faatuma’s suffering, he sought medical assistance for her, and the team promptly facilitated her treatment at the hospital. The realization of the pain and distress his little girl endured shifted his perspective entirely.

Mohammad now stands as an advocate against any form of cutting. He has actively engaged in discussions with clan leaders, sharing the knowledge he gained through our project, shedding light on the harmful consequences of FGM, and encouraging the community to abandon the practice.

Your support has not only saved Faatuma’s life but has also empowered Mohammad to become a vocal agent of change in his community. 


As he stated, “It is amazing that more girls have not suffered and even died from this terrible cutting. I am now totally against any form of cutting.”


Looking ahead, Mohammad dreams of a future where all girls are free from the threat of FGM, where their rights are respected, and they can grow up without facing such life-altering challenges. He envisions a community that prioritizes the health and well-being of its young members above all else.

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