Apr 2019

Partners in the Horn of Africa Announcement

Posted by Céline on Friday 12th April 2019

We are excited to announce that Partners in the Horn of Africa (Partners) has made significant matching contributions to support our partnership with Women's and Health Alliance and our partnership with the Afar Pastoralist Development Association. Partners is a long-standing BC-based charity with a strong reputation and a track record of supporting hundreds of sustainable projects in Ethiopia. Like us, Partners aims to improve the lives of Ethiopians by listening to their needs and partnering with them on projects that empower communities and contribute to their well-being.

With their generous support, 150 more women affected by Fistula will be able to access treatment. Not only will more women access treatment, but this will strengthen the overall impact of WAHA's projects in Gondar and Jimma Fistula Centres. In addition, their support of APDA will mean increased access to emergency veterinary care services in vulnerable communities in the Afar region of Ethiopia. Thousands of animals will now be able to survive the harsh climate conditions which means the livelihoods of hundreds of families will be salvaged and communities in Afar can thrive.

As Partners will be winding-up this year, they wanted to bring their incredible journey to a close by ensuring that the legacy established by their founders and supporters continued to make a lasting, positive impact in Ethiopia. A relationship with Ethiopiaid Canada was a natural fit because of how closely our missions aligned, the similarity of our priorities and goals, and our shared commitment to transparency and accountability. Ethiopiaid Canada is very grateful for this contribution, which will be felt for years to come in the communities that are being supported in Ethiopia.

If you have any more questions about Partners and their work or how you can donate to Ethiopiaid Canada, please contact our Executive Director, Kristin Douglas at 1-613-238-4481.

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