Nine years and stronger than ever!

Posted by Tessa on Thursday 27th September 2018

“To tell you the truth, I did not believe I could be cured. I only went to Gondar hoping to have another hiding place. Then after the treatment, I was born again. It was a miracle. I was healthy again.” - Alemitu, an obstetric fistula patient at Gondar Hospital.

This September, Ethiopiaid Canada celebrates its 9th year as a charity in Canada, contributing to 30 years of combined experience among our global offices. Thanks to your support, since 2009 we've raised $1,627,949 and counting! This is an increase in annual donations which gives us the strength to continue and which makes it clear to us that you trust in our work. So thank you! And thank you to all of our dedicated volunteers from all over the world, each of whom are so crucial for our work.

We work everyday to achieve our vision of an Ethiopia where every person has the opportunity to live a health and productive life. Here are just a few highlights of our success so far:

Maternal healthcare. Since 2009, 1798 women received surgery treatment for obstetric fistula and other pelvic floor disorders at hospitals and fistula centres, and 89 medical practitioners received training to better perform obstetric fistula surgery.

Women’s empowerment. Since 2017, at least 172 women and girls who had survived violence, and their children, were housed in safe houses and provided with support to reclaim their lives.

Education for all. 936 people with disabilities accessed business-skills training and educational opportunities. 566 children with disabilities were also supported to access education. Through this program we aim to promote social inclusion and acceptance for children, youth and women with disabilities and provide them with equal opportunities for independence. Ethiopiaid also continues to sponsor 10 talented young women to attend higher education at the Hope College of Business, Science and Technology.                      

Disaster relief. In 2016, 1,375 drought-destitute individuals had their flocks of goats restocked thanks to Ethiopiaid Canada, Ethiopiaid Australia and Ethiopiaid UK, via our local partner, APDA. The next year, 3 strategic earthen dams were built in 2017 to combat the second drought which afflicted the Afar community. In total, in 2017, 6600 individuals benefited from the dams directly, as well as upwards of another 1800 pastoralists passing through the area per year.

In 2009, we opened our doors with a small staff and big ambitions. Thanks to all of you, everyday, we can change lives all around Ethiopia!


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