Ethiopia and Eritrea declare peace

Posted by Tessa on Thursday 6th September 2018

Last month made history for individuals living in the Horn of Africa. After decades of conflict, a longed-for reconciliation between Eritrea and Ethiopia was sealed through a joint peace agreement on July 9th.

The atmosphere of political harmony has resulted in a desire for economical and social collaboration, which found its expression in the reinstatement of commercial flights between the two countries, the re-opening of embassies, and the lifting of the telecommunication block that had kept separated relatives apart for years.

Despite positive reactions to the news internationally, there is still tension in certain areas of the Ethiopia-Eritrea borderlands. In the border city of Badme, some citizens expressed feelings of betrayal on learning that the town will be ceded to Eritrean territory after decades of violence. There have also been reports of ingrained opposition to the reconciliation policies by the TPLF political party, based in the border regions of Tigray.

Ethiopiaid Canada’s local partners in the Afar region, which also border Eritrea, note that there the situation remains peaceful. Our partner organisations on the ground express hope that the demilitarization of the border can lead to further concrete changes between the two countries.

While opposition and tension remains, an overall joyful reception of the peace agreement has been observed not only in Ethiopia, but also among the many displaced Ethiopian communities around the world. A recent rally in Ottawa, Canada, brought Eritrean and Ethiopian diaspora communities together in a day of celebration. Internationally, communities are hoping for the best possible future between the two countries.

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