Eight Years Strong in Canada!

Posted by info@ethiopiaid.ca on Wednesday 27th September 2017

Ethiopiaid Canada celebrates its 8th year of incorporation as a charity in Canada, with 28 years of experience combined with our global offices. We had plenty to celebrate!  Over the past 8 years, we've raised $1,610,617 and counting! With this support, we have reached over 50,000 people in Ethiopia! 

To mark the occasion, we invited some long time donors and volunteers in the Ottawa region to join us at the beautiful home of Betty Hope-Gittens, who is on our Board of Directors. We were graciously joined by the First Secretary of the Ethiopian Embassy, Ms. Ukubi Hanfere, as well as former lawyer and Canadian politician, Hon. David Kilgour.  It was a beautiful evening filled with learning, laughter and delicious food! 

Thank you to everyone that came and made the evening an absolute success and memorable event. A special thank you to all supporters to Ethiopiaid since 2009; in your absence on the day, you were certainly celebrated in spirit!                                         

Thanks to Noah Gittens, who captured some of our fun in the photos below.


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