Education for all

Approximately 3 million children in Ethiopia are deprived of basic education. By expanding educational opportunities for some of the most vulnerable children in Ethiopia, we are working to change this reality.

Education for all

ETHIOPIAID’S AIM: Expand educational opportunities for disadvantaged children.

The Challenge

Since 1997, Ethiopia has made great strides in promoting universal education but many challenges remain. More than 25% of children who enroll in first grade drop out before they complete their first school year. In basic education, approximately 3 million children remain out of school and where schooling is available, many children cannot pursue or continue an education due to economic factors, lack of family support, or other barriers associated with poverty. 

Our Solution

We are working with partners Hope Enterprise and Cheshire Services to provide educational opportunities for some of the most vulnerable and marginalized children in Ethiopia.  Our work focuses on reducing the barriers that keep many disadvantaged children out of school. 

Hope Enterprises: Vocational Training 
There are an estimated 60,000 children living and working on the streets of Addis Ababa.  More than half of these kids do not have access to shelter or adequate food. For these children, education is  luxury they simply cannot afford. 

Since 2009, Ethiopiaid Canada has worked with Hope Enterprises to feed and school hundreds of  the poorest children from the streets of Addis Ababa. Currently, Ethiopaid Canada supports a Vocational Training Program for disadvantaged and AIDS-affected youth. The Program offers training to approximately 120 students each year, in the fields of General Metal Fabrication & Assembly, Industrial Electric Machines & Drives Technology, Carpentry, and Hospitality & Catering.  In order to strengthen trainees' entrepreneurial skills, Business Studies was recently incorporated into the training program.

 All students are provided daily with a nutritious breakfast and lunch. The training is 70% practical and all students are placed on two month apprenticeships, which help many secure permanent jobs upon graduation. Through this program, we aim to promote enterprise and self-sufficiency and to train students with the skills necessary for growing industries in Ethiopia.

Cheshire Services: Inclusive Education  
For a child living with a disability in Ethiopia, access to education is almost impossible.  Since 2013, we've worked in partnership with Cheshire Services Harar to expand educational opportunities for economically disadvantaged children with disabilities by providing  mobility aids, offering educational subsidies, and creating a more accessible environment. 

We support Cheshire Services to provide home-based care to children with disabilities. This is achieved through the provision of walking aids as well as rehabilitation activities such as physiotherapy. In this way, children can receive comprehensive treatment, close to their families and in a familiar environment. We also construct structures such as ramps and accessible toilets at schools where students have mobility issues. In 2013, we focused on one school in Harar, Ethiopia, which is now much more accessible for children with wheelchairs and other mobility aids.

With Ethiopiaid Canada's support, Cheshire runs an inclusive kindergarten class, where children with physical and developmental disabilities learn alongside their peers without disabilities. Children receive extra educational support where needed, and gain valuable social interaction skills. We offer subsidies to cover the cost of school fees, books, and transportation to older children with disabilities. They may not have been able to attend school when they were younger, due to their disability. Recently, we've started a vocational training program for older children and youth with disabilities. Through these programs, we're working to ensure that all children reach their potential. 

Our Impact

Through our partnerships with Hope Enterprises and Cheshire Services, we have achieved the following:

  • Since 2011, approximately 580 students have graduated from our Vocational Training Program. Each year, about 90% of our graduates obtain employment. 
  • Every year, approximately 100 children benefit from educational support offered through our program with Cheshire Services.
  • Each year, between 120-150 students receive mobility aids and vision/hearing devices, which allow them to start or continue schooling.

Success Stories

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